My lovely husband and I made a big decision last night. Something we’ve been saving, but both felt now was the right time. It’s not a decision taken lightly, given the commitment, but all our friends reassured us it was the right thing to do.

We’ve started watching Breaking Bad.

I like to knit in front of the TV, but find myself in between projects. I wanted something relatively simple, since one always needs to concentrate during those scene-setting first episodes, and I wasn’t really in the place to sort out something big and complicated.

My daughter had been playing with a wooden bangle of mine earlier in the day, and as I looked at it, I remembered some intentions to knit a pattern from an old issue of Knit Now.


I can’t imagine I infringe any kind of copyright by referencing this pattern: essentially, it said ‘cast on, knit chart, cast off’. Helpful. I’d never knit colourwork on straights before, so figured out the purls myself, but it was relatively easy.

In fact, the project didn’t need a pattern at all. It’s just about knitting a swatch and then sewing round a bangle. I’m thinking of developing it into a class, one with graph paper and felt tip pens. Yay!


Here’s the result. It used miniscule amounts of my large scrap sock yarn collection, and I think it has a trendy ‘ethnic boho’ feel, similar to the style story I’ve seen in stores such as New Look. I think it would fit in quite nicely with their Desert Dreaming look.

What do you think?