This is not a typical Minxymuses post. For a start its about baking, which is not something I make a habit of doing. And secondly, its about baking which turned out edible, which in my case is rarer than hen’s teeth! It was my lovely husband’s birthday this weekend, and we went away to spend the night on a farm, the absolutely perfect Green Farm in Worcestershire to be precise. Not too far from home, this little idyll was just what we needed to recharge the batteries and spend a little time together. We slept in the Tallet, an old word for hayloft, and it was wonderful. Breakfast was taken in the main farmhouse and prepared from local ingredients including amazing jams and honey from the farm’s own orchard and beehives. We certainly picked a good date, since it seemed this weekend that Spring had definitely sprung! On returning home Sunday, Gareth inspired to go straight into the garden and start digging, whilst I baked a birthday cake. I kept things simple, and used this basic Victoria Sandwich recipe, multiplying by 2.5 so I had enough mixture to make 5 layers. Seperating the mix into bowls, I added a little Sugarflair paste to each one. Then, when baked and cooled, I sandwiched together with Betty Crocker Fudge icing. Told you I like to keep things simple. Little Daphne added the Smarties decorations. cake Taste wise it was nothing special, but they do say you eat with your eyes, and the look on Gareth’s face when he cut into it for the first time was something special. And here’s the lovely Green Farm. Already thinking about our next getaway. wpid-IMG_20140309_105030.jpg