That’s not strictly true. I like to knit anything. I’m largely a process knitter; I get excited by the prospect of trying new things, and I don’t let trifling things like whether I will actually wear the finished item confuse matters.

Shawl patterns are attractive. There’s that addictive way they increase; urging you on and on, luring you in with easy garter/stocking stitch sections before hitting you with the sexy lace!!

The shawl above is the an Afternoon Tea, a fab free pattern from Knitty. The crescent shape sits nicely on the shoulders, and the rounded edge instantly looks more modern than the more usual triangular style in my opinion.

See, I like to knit ’em but I can’t wear ’em. It’s a subject oft discussed on Ravelry; the wearability of the shawl is a divisive subject. Some hipsters throw them around their neck in a insouciant manner, but they just seem to slide off when I try it. Even the kerchief styling (back to front with the edges wrapped round each side) doesn’t stay put. However it starts, I inevitably end up wearing it traditional, ‘old lady’ style. And, at 37, I’m too old to pull that off ironically.

So the beautiful sparkly bottle green number above (Krafty Koala yarn, lovely to knit with), is destined to be scrunched under a winter coat most of the time, but it will sit over my shoulders when I’m sat at my draughty desk.

This has been a two shawl week! The second is a gift for my lovely friend Clare, who turns 30 this week.

It’s a Damson, a tried and tested pattern that I have knitted before. Sadly, the photography lets this one down here. It’s a lovely simple and effective knit, and it’s construction means it has longer points, so it stays on easier. You’ll have to take my word for that; I have my end of week face on and it’s not camera friendly enough for a front shot!

The grey yarn is a Knitting Goddess club yarn. The delicate, soft grey is not something I ever would have chosen to buy, but it’s definitely my friend’s taste. The pink trim was a necessity; I ran out with only 3 rows to go, something that I should have remembered from last time!!