Almost a week in and I’m not flagging! Here’s the story so far…

Workday mornings are proving a struggle. My timings are so hectic since I already get up at 6.30am and refuse to rise any earlier out of principle. It’s all I can do to race out of the house with a banana in my hand and a coat pocket full of walnuts. I’ve missed the dry body brushing the last couple of days too. I remember as soon as I’ve jumped into the shower, but by then it’s too late. You can’t dry body brush a wet body.

The rest of the routine has been largely a breeze though. This is absolutely not going to be a weight loss plan. I am eating LOTS. Much more than before. In fact, I feel like I’m almost constantly eating to quiet that nagging voice that keeps telling me something is missing. Probably sugar. Porridge with fruit for breakfast, houmous on rye toast around 10am, big lunch of bean chilli/rice/soup/salad, more houmous on oat cakes…. Really, there is loads to choose from.

The children were off school yesterday (the heating broke, although our house is ironically even colder so they were no better off), and preparing fishfinger sandwiches on soft, white bread and doling out leftover Halloween sweeties was an unexpected challenge. Of course, one could argue that if I altered their diet to a healthier one too, that could have been avoided. However, wrestling the biscuit tin from the vice-like grip of tiny carb-junkies* is not a task I was up to in my temporarily weakened state. One battle at a time please.

Revelation of the week has been goats cheese. Just how frigging gorgeous is a slab of chevre heated up in the oven? Yeah, see earlier point about not losing weight this month. Seriously, it’s a taste sensation! While it may be nicer with a glass of red wine, for now the oatcakes and lemon water are doing their job. Absolutely sublime.

Last night’s virtuous roast dinner was a small amount of free -range chicken, with olive oil roasted spuds and lots of vegetables. I passed on the gravy, but reader, I did cheat. I make amazing Yorkshire puddings. But what I once considered a gift became a bit of a curse yesterday as I just couldn’t resist. That’s dairy and wheat in one fell swoop. Urgh. Still, it wasn’t a lot. And the lack of any severe reaction (I’ve been reading horror stories on the net of vomiting, hives and pain) has confirmed that I don’t have any heightened sensitivity. I felt slightly bloated afterwards; enough to put me off cheating again if I can help it. Someone at work asked if I had lost weight. I haven’t, but my tummy feels noticeably flatter and my face is looking a little slimmer.

Sadly, I had my phone stolen last week and have yet to sort a replacement, so you are spared any pictorial selfie journey. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Wow, 10am already. Must be houmous time.

* I exaggerate, they eat lots of fruit and veg and stuff too. Please don’t judge.