As reports of howling gales and torrential rain fill the radio and TV, I sit in my cosy living room trying not to think about the squally commute which awaits me in just 9 short hours.

I have also made a decision. I’ve felt it coming for a few weeks now, nagging at the edge of my mind as I sit down to yet another evening of crappy TV (Sleepy Hollow and Bates Motel excluded, natch); it’s time to crack open Game of Thrones again.

I started reading these books at the beginning of year, despite my initial reservations. Having considered the wise words of a good friend who advised avoiding any tome with ‘either a family tree or a map in the beginning’, I nevertheless embarked on what I knew would be a reading marathon, as I had watched my husband consume all 8 volumes previously. I wasn’t expecting much, I was the girl put off LOTR by too many battles and beards for goodness sake, but I was gripped from the start.

I’ve enjoyed historical literature in the past, and this had just enough quasi-queens and castles to keep me going, and I found I could overlook some of the extended battle sequences in favour of the strategic game playing that led to them. I enjoyed the characterisation and the way the action moved throughout different parts of the created world. Plus, it had dragons in. So, win.

I’m not expert enough to wax lyrical about the plot or world George RR Martin creates at length, this is the wrong blog for that, although I am sure there are very many out there. Indeed, I often consider it a curse that throughout life I have been geeky enough to be a fan of stuff like this, but never geeky enough for my passion to come out the other side of cool.

But enjoy it I do, and the point of this post was just to say I am re-commencing reading; at the start of volume 3. I stopped fairly abruptly in May when the sun came out, it just didn’t feel right reading this without a onesie on, or a whisky at my side. Or indeed, without the wind howling outside.

It’s seems I have all those ingredients ready once again. So in I go……………